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The mission of Habesha Cement Share Company is to “Build value for shareholders by producing and delivering quality cement and other construction inputs to its valued customer in a clean and environmentally friendly manner”.


The vision of Habesha Cement Share Company is to become “The Largest integrated construction inputs supplier in Ethiopia and the Region”.


The promoters of Habesha Cement S.C. have conducted a detailed analysis of various sectors of the economy including infrastructural development activities in the country, the government’s policy for the development of the cement sector and other factors which affects the economic growth of the country. The strategy adopted by the Founders and Promoters of Habesha Cement Share Company to tap into this lucrative business is to raise the necessary capital through public offering of ordinary shares and creating a team of Cement Experts who have got real experience in the Ethiopian Cement Industries. The Cement Plant will be located in Oromiya Regional State West Shoa Zone Holeta town close to the major cement markets and raw materials. Immediately after start up of cement production, the company will also enter the Ready Mix Concrete and Aggregate Markets to increase its market share and presence in the construction materials production market.

The company is incorporated as per the laws of Ethiopia in September 2008 and at the moment it has 30 founding share holders.

Date of Registration
The company is a share company incorporated in accordance with the Ethiopian Commercial Code on September 18th 2008 with nominal amount of shares to facilitate the establishing process to be increased with the current share offer.

Name of the Company

In order to facilitate the establishment of the company, an initial capital structure has been set up. The initial share capital of Habesha Cement Share Co. is Birr 600,000 (600 shares), which is owned by the founders of the company. The initial founders of the company are 30 (Thirty) in number.

Capital Increase

  • In order to achieve the mission and vision of its incorporation the Company floated 600,000 shares to the public on September, 18 /2008. To increase its capital from 600,000 to 600, 600.000.00, with a par value of 1000 birr each.
  • Ø  The sale was closed on August, 9/2009 at the moment over 15000,000 share holders has joined the company.  The company could have achieved in collecting 292,000,000.00 Birr.

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